Frogs and Friends

We began our day with books!!  We are learning with Hannah while she’s visiting from Lesotho.  She and Tugi took turns reading to each other.

They decorated cupcakes to celebrate Tugi’s coming birthday.

In the afternoon we had the blessing of learning with other homeschoolers.  The learners all in all were Tugi (7), Boogedy (4), Wonder Bolt (2), Matias (11), Esteban (8), Emma (4) and Tutti (6).  What a wonderful mix of ages!!!   

They learned about the life cycle and the anatomy of frogs.  

We began by watching a short video about amphibians and read a book about tadpoles and frogs.

Then the learners observed our bowl of tadpoles and pointed out the different characteristics of the tadpoles depending on their stages of growth, whether they’ve grown legs or arms or lost their tails or none.

The most awaited part of the day was the dissection.

They saw the different layers of tissues that protect the internal organs of the frog.  They identified the different organs of the frog and talked about their function.  

Then they compared the frog’s internal structure with the structures of the human body using the Squishy Human Body Model.

Then off to the park to play!!!!  

But before  the afternoon ended Boogedy decided he wanted to smash something. Ice smashing with a real hammer is fun and a great way to develop eye and hand coordination!!

What a great day it has been!


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